About us

Excellence in Quality, Poetic in Design

Started 45 years ago as a trade of the family, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds have now flourished into the biggest jewellers in Palakkad today. True to its name, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds exhibits a tantalizing quality of poetic elegance in its designs. Across the years, we have opened five new showrooms all across Kerala.

We constantly come up with unique designs so that all our customers – no matter their taste- will never leave our showroom unsatisfied. Our customers are our strength; their confidence is fuel to us. With this trust, we move forward to expand Kavitha gold and diamonds all over India and abroad.

45 Years of trust

Design by design, collection after collection, we have
slowly seeped into the hearts of our customers
in 45 years.

Chairman’s Message

I strongly believe that only a business that values its customers can succeed in this industry. In my opinion, a good craftsman will have a strong foundation and that the foundation requires the confidence of customers to stay put. Our biggest asset is this trust that we have cultivated over the years. Their confidence in us is what helped us understand our customers better and as a result, come up with collections they cherish.


Founder & Chairman

Prasad Rajagopal


“It is a joy to see our amazing craftsmen come up with exquisite designs. Watching our beloved customers appreciate and cherish them is even more exciting. We are positive that this support will not waver as we expand our business and open more showrooms.”

Prajeesh Rajagopal


“We are constantly working towards taking our designs up a notch and introducing better collections. We dream that every one of our customers finds a design that defines them from Kavitha Gold and Diamonds. “

Our Vision

To maintain the honesty and communication that our customers have always kept with us.

Our Mission

To make sure that we carry out our responsibilities to our customers and the society as a whole. To continue our social responsibilities no matter where we have reached.

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