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Our unique collection of designs makes a statement of its own. Enhance your style with the perfect piece from our wide range of choices.

TAARA - Diamond Collection

Taara contains a flawless diamond collection cut with precision. Placed with exquisite designs that enhance its clarity and beauty, our collection offers a variety of choices suitable for the style of your choice and can take any look up a notch.

Swara - Antique Collection

Enrich your jewellery collection with unique pieces from Swara. Inspired by sought after collections of the past, Swara consists of antique pieces which take you back to yesteryears. Every piece has a tale to tell, and it waits for the perfect owner to continue its story.

Harini - Divine Collection

Jewellery may be ornaments to the body. But they can also be a potion to satiate the soul. Harini is a carefully crafted collection of divine designs. Carved into perfection out of 24-carat pure gold, Harini is a proud tribute to the divinity in all of us.

Fiza - Mahar Collection

Mahar is not just a woman’s right. Ornaments given as Mahar is also a symbol of the promises you have made to each other. On the auspicious day of nikah, gift your better halves with a design that sings your commitment.

Riana - Premium Collection

Accentuate your inner radiance and beauty with Riana – our exclusive collection of premium designs. Indulge in pampering yourself with our sophisticated pieces and let them celebrate your elegance and glamour.

Tanya - Uncut Diamonds

Beauty is best in its natural form. Adorn yourself with our magnificent uncut diamond collection – Tanya. Inspired by regal jewellery worn by royalty to symbolise their prestige, our designs represent the modern Indian woman – writing her own destiny.

Colors - Precious Stones

Explore our carefully crafted gemstone collection. Our experienced craftsmen first study the stones and then design pieces that enhance their unique qualities. Be it emerald, ruby, or sapphire – gemstones are the heroes of our collection.

Twinkle - Children collection

Children are the embodiment of innocence. Twinkle- our collection of children’s jewellery is inspired by the sparkle in their eyes. Simple and elegant, these pieces are loved by parents and children alike.

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